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CALL OF JUAREZ - BOUND IN BLOOD v1.1 is first person shooting game fr om Wild West

Who dont know what is it exactly for game, can see example video here, to get imagine:

!!!!!! HOW TO PLAY ONLINE !!!!!! RADMIN and GAMERANGER - GUIDE + BIG MAPPACK - Download link (scroll down of this text).

Check version of your game:
Version of game need to be 1.1 (your version of game you can see on bottom right corner in main menu of game, or in text file ,Readme, in main folder of game).

Join community and real players of this game in TELEGRAM  messanger Call of Juarez: Bound in blood group.

TELEGRAM MESSANGER Call of Juarez: Bound in blood group :        If you havent still Telegram messanger download here:



First possiblity: VPN called RADMIN (very popular gaming VPN) = MOST EASY WAY HOW TO PLAY ONLINE

A) Radmin download:

B) After install Radmin restart PC (strongly recommended even you think program work normaly). Restart PC after install Radmin - You need to do only 1 time.

C) Turn on Radmin and go to in menu ,,Network,, then ,,Conenct to network,, and then choose ,,Gaming Network,,. And in gaming network search network room CALLED EXACTLY:

           Call of Juarez : BIB

Click on this network and join. (If there will not accidentally there in future this public network create your own private network and post your network name na password in Radmin club pages: or in Steam Call of Juarez - bound in blood pages, or on your other favorite page/s).

Its public network hence no need pasword. Such you recognize in Radmin always public networks, because private networks have alwas pasword.

You can also as Im said above create your own private network in Radmin, but this network will not public visible. Only your friends or community which u give pasword and name of network will able join. Radmin recognizing small and big letters in names of network/s. So be carefuly if you giving someone name of your network, you have to tell exacly name of such private network.

D) Create dedicated or listen server and wait for someone jon or invite friends fr om Steam or other social network.

You can also open ports for Radmin if connection issue. Use your favorite search page example Google, and find it (i have seen there such www pages).



Second possibility: Gameranger

This second possiblity but NOT WORKING FOR STEAM USERS, so no waste time. Steam game Call of Juarez - Bound in blood you never able connect in Gameranger program !

A) Downlaod gaming program called Gameranger

B) Register in Gameranger

If you lost password, and email will not available which you used during registration, you will lost your nickname in Gameranger. Only one email can be added to one Gameranger nickname. So if you creating your second Gameranger acount you have to use another email then you used in past when you had first your account registration.

C) Go Gameranger and look for server of games you have instaled. Server/s Call of Juarez - Bound in blood will appeared (if someone created before).

If you dont see any server in game it can be fr om two reasons.
1) Try check if your game is assigned to your game exe. If you have game instaled unusualy way and Gameranger not see your exe from game you can add it by hand in menu of Gameranger.
2) You have not opened ports for Gameranger
So open them in your router.
If you dont know how try on this page find eactly, in ideal case, or similar model of router u have and try analize how to do.
Then open ports like is on this guide:

If you did both steps and still you cant host game in Gameranger try  after instal this program,add Gameranger to list of start programs in this program. Connect to fake IP and start via program Hide All Ip you hosting or joining room in Garanger. After install Hide all ip, work this program only 2 days. So ask internet what to do.

D) Simply if you see server double click on his name and join room. And then click on join.
If creator of this room start game, your game will also start and automaticly you will, after you pass the asking for your game profile, navigate to game server and automaticly conecting.

In Gameranger from differ of Radmin you can in menu of game see always only one server, directly this server you are joined the room in Gamranger. So there is not possible somethink like it was in Tunngle (if you early used this program) or like is in Radmin to see many server directly of menu game.


Play in Gameranger:

Creating Listen server in Gameranger:

Create room in Gameranger and then start game and you manage your listen server and wait for players.

In Gameranger not easy to do dedicated server, but you can.
Dedicated server download here:
If you install him you have to rename default folder of dedicated server from Call of Juarez - Bound in blood DEDICATED SERVER to Call of Juarez - Bound in blood(like original game), because Gameranger stronly watching for installation way of game, and for name of exe. Which you have to also rename. Rename exe of dedicated server to the same as have your game exe. finaly your dedicated server exe will look such: CoJBiBGame_x86.exe .

You can easy manage call of Juarez : Bound in blood dedicated server.
Use ,,CoJ2 Controller,, program. very good program, wh ere you can set very easy any parametr of your server.
Video how to configure + download link here:

If you use dedicated server in Gameranger you will not able start him via Call of Juarez 2 Controler (CoJ2 Controller), because the exe has been renamed. So when your configure your dedicated server via CoJ2 Controller, for start yur server use the dedicated server exe which we renamed to CoJBiBGame_x86.exe. Doble click on him and server will start.

On your PC if you create Dedicated server Gamernager you cant host and simultaneously to connect to your game with the same PC.
If you want to do you can fix it use some programs like for example VirtualBox.
How to use VirtualBox guide here:
If do via Virtual server you have to manage your hdd, wished operation system, and go Gameranger with second nickname which u have to create. There create room, share folders of dedicated server with Virual server program. After connect to Gameranger with your fist main nickname and connect your room in gameranger which u did in Gameranger opened wia Virtual server.
Or third way use any VPS server or some other way.

It necesary do one fr om steps above in ,,Note2,,, because Gameranger not allow double opening instances on the same PC.

If you want instal CD/Iso game, wh ere vession of game is 1.0 and, also Steam version wh ere automaticly is version 1.1 on one PC, example because you plan play Steam version via Radmin and CD/Iso version via Gameranger you HAVE TO INSTALL the CD/Iso version first then Steam version. Because after in your PC Registers will signed that you still have version 1.1 and you will not able upgrade you CD/Iso version to version 1.1.  





1)Easy install, no registration need, join room host or join game/s
2) Radmin in most cases of users dont need to portforwarding or doing nothing to see each other in Radmin network.
3) You can see many servers (if someone created) in game room like it was earlier if game had original servers on.
4) In Radmin you can host dedicated server and start game fr om another copy of game and join own dedicated server in the same PC without limiting and dificult settings, instaling other program/s.
5) In Radmin you can change nick name in network as many times u want.
6) Radmin have bigger comunity forum then Gameranger. Join Radmin club and post there your private server or review about your game.
7) Radmin support almost 100% games using LAN support in worldwide. Its mean also the newest LAN supported games.
8) You can play in Radmin with any kind of your game even with Steam version of game.
9) You will able to start your dedicated server and more configure directly from the menu of Call of Juarez Controller (CoJ2 Controller), but only if the CoJ2 Controler exe has been not renamed because of Gameranger needs described in my text above).

Radmin have not any social network in free version of Radmin. With those who want you comunicate directly in Radmin network have to use Radmin server program.
so if you want to comunicate with Radmin users you have to know him/her/them from any other social network, or from common life and comunicate with him/her/them, to coordinate play.

Is one way how to fix it. Istall Radmin Server. Its Radmin payed product and because of him is possible to keep alive for free Radmin VPN which we players using. If you install Radmin Server, which is prioritly created for Remote PC (like TeamViewer, AnyDesk etc.), can strangers from Radmin VPN network contact you via chat or even voice chat message. All depend how you set in your Radmin Server options. In menu of Radmin Server you can tick this function that people from Radmin VPN can sent you chat message/s or do even voice message or did both from Radmin VPN. Nobody will able to do nothing other then only chat or call or both, to you from Radmin VPN, if you not allow it in options menu of radmin Server..
Download here:
How to do:
If you have Radmin Server instaled, your radmin VPN on, and you joined some network in Radmin VPN wh ere are someone, you can click on his Radmin ip by right mouse click and in menu which will appared, you can choose chat or voice message.



1) Have social network including (chat, add friends in Gameranger menu and so on).
Its mean u can add friends (in free version of Gameranger only 50), and chat with them. Gameranger suport microphone in room which you create.

2 In no payed version of Gamranger you cant change nick name. For change nick name in free version of Gameranger is necessary always do new registration in Gameranger.
3) More probability then in Radmin, that you will have encounter with any namemed problems above with conecting or hosting.
4) Im gameranger are suported only old games.
6) Difficult sometimes manage game dedicated servers with Gameranger.
7) In Gameranger cant play Steam game users
8) You will not able to start your dedicated server and more configure directly fr om the menu of Call of Juarez Controller (CoJ2 Controller).

What is for both balanced
1) Gameranger and Radmin have similar possibility to crash program. its not big problem, because it no happening often. But happening.....
2) Ping equal. Someone have better in Radmin and someone in Gameranger.

For Steam users of game:  Play via Radmin only, or install no Steam version of game.
Wven you want plan play only in Steam version Im recomended to install also Gameranger to make new friends there and after play vith them in Radmin.

Owner other versions of game call of Juarez - Bound in blood play in Radmin and in Gameranger too. Your ping and friends will finaly decide wh ere you will finaly play often.



If in future will accidental die programs like Gameranger or Radmin use certainly any other VPN which working. The are many. Example Hamachi.


IM Created my mappack:


Contains 193 maps.


INSIDE MAPPACK in ZIP FILE is text document with detailed INSTALLATION instructions.

In mapack are not ANY Single player maps

In mapack are few maps support Skirmish, Conquest and etc., the are playble under WWL mod.

Note: You can reupload my mappack and txt files inside any place you want.

So see you on battlefield:)

PS: Who want play with me Call of Juarez Bound in Blood, leave me here in comment any contact.
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