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Dead Rising 2 - COOP and TIR Multiplayer Guide

A simple guide on how to play Dead Rising 2 Coop and 4 Player multiplayer using Radmin VPN

Step 1. Get the game

This was tested with the "PROPHET" release of Dead Rising 2.
You can use retail version on Steam as well , works just fine.

Step 2. Install the Lan-Fix

If you're installing this fix on your retail version of steam , backup the original "deadrising2.exe" and "steam_api.dll"

Download the fix from here:


Open the Fix and install it to your game directory

Step 3. Join the Radmin network

Have you and your friend/friends join the same radmin network. Can be a private one or you can use the public one

Step 4. Starting the game/Hosting/Joining

Start the game using the new launcher "deadrising2-LAN.exe"

When the game starts , go to options , Gameplay , and make sure that the COOP Privacy is set to "Public"

Hosting the game

If you're playing a new game, you must complete the intro. Beat the motorycle event , then find your daugther and get out of the arena. Once you are in the safe house, your game will be hosted

Otherwise , click Start game, choose your savegame and load

Joining the game

Click Join CO-OP Game, Join Online Game , choose any savegame.

Host Accepting the game request

Host then has to accept the join request by pressing C

Step 6. Hosting / Joining TIR Games

Hosting a ranked match

Go to Terror is reality, Ranked match, then hit enter, and you will be hosting

Joining a ranked match

Click on Ranked match, click enter , and you will be in a room

Hosting a player match

Don't know the difference , but you can join this way as well. Click on player match, join match and once match won't be found create one

Joining a player match

Click on player match, join match and once the match will be found hit Enter

Joining problems and No intro Fix

It is very important to remember that this game is old, and using the fix can be very tricky. You will always be able to join successfully the first time you start the game. If another player leaves the game, and you want to host again you MUST restart the game. Since restarting the game can take a while, use this intro fix.

Place them both in the game directory and edit "DR2Hookary.ini" file using your notepad, and change the "skip_logos" to "1"


Q:Can I still play online, after I installed the LAN Fix?
A:No, you must use the original "deadrising2.exe" and "steam_api.dll" to play the retail version again. If you forgot to make a backup, verify steam game files

Q:Can I use my steam save game and play this LAN?
A:Yes you can. To get your steam savegame go to
Steam directory/userdata/id/45740/remote
copy the "DR2SAVE.DR2S" file and paste it here
Steam directory/steamapps/common/Dead Rising 2/45740/remote

Q:My nickname is FREETP.ORG. How do I change it?
Q:Go to game directory, settings folder, open the "account_name.txt" using a notepad, and choose your own nickname

Q:My friend joined me in TIR , but we can't start , why?
A:TIR is a multiplayer game for 4 Players , you must have 4 players to start the game
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