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Relay connection vs direct connection

Is there a way to force each connection to receive a direct connection in Radmin VPN? Any computer with a direct connection seems to do things over the network at great speeds, but I have a bunch of computers that are getting a relayed connection and are really slow. Ping times for direct are around 50ms and can access network shares fast, but ping times for relayed connections are over 400ms and when they try to browse a network share it is SUPER slow.
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05/15/2019 20:29:48
What determines if a computer receives a direct connection or a relayed connection anyway? And why is a relayed connection so slow?
05/16/2019 02:30:16
I have about 30 connections and I would say that 95% of them are relayed (yellow). There should be a way to configure things so that they get direct tunnels. Outside of that, those connections are basically useless as they are SOOOOO slow.

If those connections must go through Radmin-VPNs servers, then they need to up their speed pass through. But Ideally, they fix it so the connections are able to be direct.
Radmin Club Team
05/16/2019 12:59:35

It depends on your network topology.
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