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Adapter/Sharing/Not picking up issue

  I missed the popup on the right of my screen for the sharing thing, and i cant get it back, ive uninstalled radmin vpn and it still doesnt show the popup again, ive uninstalled the adapter and still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas or tips?
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11/08/2019 17:09:26
You can always change the sharing behavior for such adapter/network. Do the following:
1. Open PowerShell with administrator privileges, type in: Get-NetConnectionProfile
2. Search for InterfaceAlias   : Radmin VPN, check its profile name.
3. Type in: Set-NetConnectionProfile -Name "(Profile's name)" -NetworkCategory (Public|Private)

Replace (Profile's name) with RVPN's profile name. Replace (Public|Private) with either Public or Private.

NOTE: It's recommended to keep it set as public network. Non advanced users shouldn't keep it set as private network, as this could lead to security flaws.
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