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Best Router "Port forwarding" configuration

I am using Radmin-VPN to connect my computer to other in other city.  
It works very well, but when I transfer big file from one computer to the other, the connection speed is near to 5Mbps. Meanwhile when I transfer files without using of Radmin-VPN the connection speed is near to 20Mbps.

There is a Router configuration, like "Port forwarding", that I can apply to one of my local networks to increase speed connection?

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05/27/2021 17:01:54

Check if there is no programs that overload your network, like FTP, torrents or Windows updates.
And the more Radmin VPN networks you are connected to, the less performance you have.
You can decrease the quality (Radmin Viewer - Tools - Options - New connection default - Remote connection - Decrease Color Format and Maximum number of updates). And decrease resolution of the remote monitor.
And update all the drivers.
05/27/2021 22:55:03
Thanks for suggestion.  
I am not using Remote Desktop. I connect to remote computer with FTP protocol, using the Radmin-VPN network.  
And there are not other software that use large bandwidth.
As test of this, I do a Speed test: the result was 4Mbps less of my standard speed (near to 20% less of my standard speed).
05/28/2021 12:06:12

1. Stop the radmin vpn service (Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Administrative Tools \ Service), find radmin right-click and select stop.
Run the cmd as administrator and enter:
ipconfig / flushdns
Start the radmin vpn service (Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Administrative Tools \ Service), find radmin right-click and select start.
2. You can also try this, if there is a problem with DNS cache of your internet provider. Here's the steps for changing DNS to Google. It solves the problem with always connecting state.
3. If you use proxy, you need to set it up in Radmin VPN - System - Settings - Advanced.
4. Turn off firewall and antivitus for some time to complete connection or registration.
5. You also need to make sure that port range 17000-18000 is open. Here you can read about opening ports
6. Make sure that Radmin VPN is not blocked in your country and by your local provider.
05/28/2021 15:53:29
Point 1 and 2)  My local network already works with Google DNS. Remote PC? maybe...
Can you explain me why DNS is important for a good speed please?

Point 3) no, I haven't a proxy.

Point 4) I disabled firewall in both PC for some minutes. Then restarted "Radmin-VPN" services.

Point 5) Good! What I must to do? The rule is to allow Outgoing or Ingoing traffic? TCP or UDP?
My remote PC has Rule to allow all traffic from/to Radmin-VPN process. Then there are not rule to port. Is better to add rule to port range?
If I apply rule to remote PC only, I can obtain a Direct-connection?
(PS: I suggest to parametrize the Port Range, so it is possible to work with more PC in local network)

Point 6) I do not know if it is blocked in my country. I think there are not block... I live in Italy.
How can I determine if there are restrictions?

05/28/2021 12:07:36

And what connection type do you have? Itsshown in network properties (make a right click on the remote PC in Radmin VPN).
05/28/2021 15:12:15
From my local PC I can see that remote PC is "Connection status = TCP/out".
Vice-versa, from remote PC i can see that the local PC is "Connection status = TCP/in".
Icons are green, signal level are 5 of 5.
05/31/2021 16:08:06

What connection speed lost do you get?
05/31/2021 16:34:26
My local connection speed is near 70Mbps for download and 20Mbps for upload.  
The remote connection like to 100Mbps / 100Mbps.
05/31/2021 17:08:58

Your problem is forwarded to our testing team. We`ll contact you as soon as we get a response.
06/27/2021 10:37:43
There are news for me?

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