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Can connect to RadminVPN's ip address but can't connect to my friend

Hi, I'm the guy from this post Radmin VPN stucked at "Connecting" ( At first, I want to say that thank you so much for your support in the last time. After contacting to my ISP, which was sadly failed, I've found a temporary solution to my problem. I used "Hola VPN" to change my IP address to nearby countries (Singapore), and Radmin VPN suddenly worked fine with 100-200ms ping.

However, few days ago, my country's internet connection via the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) undersea cable broke down, and my ping with Radmin VPN (inside Hola VPN) rises over 300ms now. So I found another solution - Cloudflare Warp. It gives me a decent ping (around 120-180ms). But there's a problem, neither I nor my friends can't ping each others's IP address through CMD. It always responds "Request timed out.", although in the Radmin VPN UI it still shows each others's ping.

I've disabled my firewall and antivirus aswell. I've also tried to ping these 3 of RadminVPN's ip address (,, and here's the result
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Radmin Club Team
04/18/2022 17:13:13

Open Windows command line (press Win + R) and type
and press enter.

wait till the end of each command, make a screenshot and send it.
04/18/2022 18:15:28
Hi, I did what you said and here's the result: . Thank you
Radmin Club Team
04/19/2022 17:27:34

1. Stop the radmin vpn service (Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Administrative Tools \ Service), find radmin right-click and sel ect stop.
Run the cmd as administrator and enter:
ipconfig / flushdns
Start the radmin vpn service (Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Administrative Tools \ Service), find radmin right-click and select start.
2. You can also try this, if there is a problem with DNS cache of your internet provider. Here's the steps for changing DNS to Google. It solves the problem with always connecting state.
3. If you use proxy, you need to set it up in Radmin VPN - System - Settings - Advanced.
4. Turn off firewall and antivitus for some time to complete connection or registration.
5. You also need to make sure that port range 17000-18000 is open. Here you can read about opening ports
6. Make sure that Radmin VPN is not blocked in your country and by your local provider.
7. Open Windows Command Line and run the following:
netsh int ipv6 set teredo enterpriseclient
netsh interface teredo set state

If this problem still remains, we need additional information fr om local and remote PCs:
1. Identification code (Radmin VPN - Help - About).
2.Version (Radmin VPN - Help - About)..
3. Network name and type (gaming or private)
4. Log (Radmin VPN - Help - View log)
5. Channel type (right click on the remote PC and open Properties).
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