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Changing Radmin Vpn Virtual Ip Addess

Hello Guys !

Can anyone tell me how do you change your Radmin Vpn virtual IP address ? Because when my friends and I try to play online guys, but my Virtual IP octet is different than them and VALVE games doesn't allow to play due to that :(

Please help me !!
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Radmin Club Team
06/07/2019 14:23:21

Each PC with Radmin Sever has its onw uniqe IP address 26.***.***.*** that is used to connect to this PC in Radmin VPN network or other programs. Could you provide more details about your issue? Do you get any error messages?
06/13/2019 18:40:13
As long as you are all on the same Radmin VPN network, you are already on the same subnet. It could be that your physical network interface is taking precedence over the virtual Radmin VPN interface. If this is the case, you will need to manually set the metric of your interfaces so that the VPN receives top priority. Check out my guide for setting up UT2K4 for details on how to do this. The instructions should work the same for many other games.
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