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How to remove individual entries (clients) on a VPN

Greetings All,

I have some client systems that are no longer valid due to computers being retired, lease-rolled, etc.  How do I remove these entries from my Network and leave the Network itself intact?  There is no right-click option available to "Remove Client", etc.

I have seen some answers by Famatech that I just pick right-click and Delete Network or something similar, which is a command that will impact that entire network, I just wish to remove individual entries on that particular Network Tree.

Any ideas?
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To remove individual entries from your Network, you need to use the Radmin Viewer:

• Open the Radmin Viewer and sel ect the Network tab.

•  Locate the client system that you want to remove in the Network tree. You can use the search panel or the filter options to find it faster.

•  Right-click on the client system and sel ect Delete fr om the context menu. You can also use the Delete key on your keyboard.

•  Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes in the confirmation dialog. The client system will be removed fr om the Network tree.
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By default, administrator rights belong only to the creator of the network.

To remove  network can only Administrator .

Only Administrator of the network can transfer rights to another participant (via the Radmin menu, right-click to select "Give administrator rights"), which will later be able to return the rights to you.

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