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I'm having a issue with connecting to users using Radmin VPN in certain countries

So I'm trying to connect to a user in Iraq so we can play together. However the game I'm playing gets stuck at loading the game then I lose connection. I have no firewall on and the other person doesn't have the firewall on as well I believe.
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Radmin Club Team
09/19/2019 15:35:44

1. Could you send logs from your local PC?
Radmin VPN - Help - View log
2. Can you ping the remote PC ?
3. Check if there is no blocks in firewall and antivirus.
4. Did you face to this problem in all the games or only in the one certian game?
09/19/2019 15:38:51
1. I had no antivirus and firewall as I clearly said

2. yes I can ping the remote PC

3.  I'm not at my PC right now

4. I've faced this probably in the one certain game also they were able to connect to me but I can't connect to them

I've found that one person in the Ukraine I was also having issues connecting to
10/18/2019 22:21:52
Firstly, never turn off your firewall, as this can lead to a big security hole. Secondly, is the ping from such users high? If the ping is high, do expect issues like this. You won't be able to play with certain people, if they're too far from you.
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