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Playing Age of Empires 2 LAN

Hello everyone,
I need some help. My friend and I want to play a game on virtual LAN. We use Radmin VPN. We can both connect to the Radmin network no problem. However, his game does not detect the Radmin IP. It detects his LAN only. We tried setting the metric to 1 for the network adapter, no success. We tried Force Bind, still doesn't work. Tried using some vpn other than Radmin, same issue.
no matter what, his game doesn't bind to the VPN IP. What can we do?
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04/30/2020 18:29:43
so does this mean he cant see your server when you host?
04/30/2020 19:36:55
yep. he cant see me.
05/01/2020 01:43:33
If any of you is using any other vpn to hide your ips, turn it off and you try hosting like that. Also, you can try this: tell him to disable all the other network adapters he has except radmin, start the game like that. Start a lobby and when hes done and waiting for you to join, reenable the other adapters. When hes internet connection comes back (a few secs) turn off your radmin for a few secs, turn it back on, make sure you will see him in the network then try joining him.
05/01/2020 08:00:23
This is too complicated.
There are two interfaces. Radmin and his Ethernet. The game detects his ethernet adapter
but not his radmin adapter. Because of the viral outbreak the ISP cannot help
him, lack of manpower. I tried, but i couldn't fix it. And I can't ask him to troubleshoot like that cause if he messes up by shooting in the dark, the ISP won't be able to help him.
05/01/2020 16:14:18
I might be able to help you with this as I faced the same issue today while trying to play with a friend. We have solved it.

Can you provide me some details on your AOE2 setup? here are some questions I have

1) What version/patch of the game are you using?
2) Do you use the Wololokingdoms mod? If yes, have you used Aoe2Tools to setup WK mod or the WK Installer?
05/01/2020 20:12:21
I use the old Vanilla Age of empires 2: The conquerors. I have bought definitive edition on steam, however my friends has not. He plays the old vanilla game on voobly. I was thinking of playing the vanilla game with him using VLAN -- Radmin. I have aoe2tools, i used it to perma mod the game with some visual mods from voobly. I don't use WK. I am using userpatch 1.5 from aoe2tools.
05/02/2020 08:17:32
Have you tried the following already on the affected computer?

1) Remove port forwarding for aoe2 on your router if you had set it up
2) Firewall exceptions for age2_x1 or age2_x1.5 (I suspect this could be the actual reason)
3) Remove all other VLAN services u installed and keep only Radmin

Cold boot both router and PC
05/02/2020 09:35:32
Firewall was turned off.
Other VLAN services were disabled.
He doesn't have public ip, so he didn't port forward.
05/04/2020 18:29:40
From his IP, the game is reaching the router gateway. Makes sense for him to port forward then. Try that out as well.
05/07/2020 14:33:24

It seems that this game is not able to work with Radmin VPN because of different IP ranges.
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