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Radmin eternal connecting

Please fix it, I use Radmin for years and now it appears eternal connecting, I did the flushdns and add dns of google but not work please fix it, I need to use hamachi for now....
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Radmin Club Team
11/05/2020 15:34:34

1. Make sure that Radmin VPN is not blocked by firewall and antivirus.
2. Make sure that Radmin VPN is not blocked in your country and by your local provider.
3. If you use proxy, you need to set it up in Radmin VPN - System - Settings - Advanced.
4. There is a problem with DNS cache of your internet provider. Here's the steps for changing DNS to Google. It solves the problem with always connecting state.

If this problem still remains, we need additional information from local and remote PCs:
1. Identification code (Radmin VPN - Help - About).
2.Version (Radmin VPN - Help - About)..
3. Network name and type (gaming or private)
4. Log (Radmin VPN - Help - View log)
5. Channel type (right click on the remote PC and open Properties).

You can also try to fix it by restarting the service:
1. Open Start - Control panel.
2. Open Administrative Tools.
3. Open Services.
4. Find Radmin VPN control service.
5. Open context menu of this service (by clicking the right mouse button) and choose Stop and Start.
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