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Radmin VPN suddenly not working. No internet access in adapter properties

Let's just get to the point with this. I've been using radmin vpn to play with my friends online months ago and it works amazingly well. Suddenly I can't connect to them anymore even if i'm connected to the same network in the vpn. First I thought it was my internet, until I checked the network adaptor for radmin vpn. It displayed no internet. I'm not sure if I did it right but that "change adapter metric to 1 or 1500"  advice didn't really work. I'm really hoping to get this thing fixed. ( And yes I have firewall turned off 24/7)

I'll probably reformat my device if there's no other choice. Thanks for any reply anyway. :)
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Radmin Club Team
05/13/2021 14:24:25

Its normal that Radmin VPN adapter doesnt have an Internet. Do you see any errors in Radmin VPN? Can you ping the remote PC? Can you join Radmin vPN network?
05/25/2021 11:54:21
sorry for the really late reply. Let me answer those questions

"Do you see any errors in Radmin VPN?"  - No errors. It looks the same as the day I installed it

"Can you ping the remote PC?" - Im not sure what you mean by this. I tried pinging my friend and I get timed out. Maybe that answered  your question?

"Can you join a Radmin VPN network?" - Yes I can. I can join public an private networks. The problem now is that nothing comes up in my lan games.
Radmin Club Team
05/25/2021 16:46:03

1. Turn off firewall (local and remote) or open ports that the game you`re playing in is using on your local PC to establish connection.
2. Try to change metric of Radmin VPN adapter. Firstly, set it to 1. If it didn`t help, set it to 1500 or to the max value (you can read more here
3. Did your friend try to ping you? Did it was successful or not?
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