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Radmin vpn very high bandwith usage

when i join to a public gaming network my upload usage skyrockets just  as i enter, makes my internet heavy and the games unplayable.
and the thing is my brother on the same networks and room joins his usage is fine,but my laptop have the same problem as mine.
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Radmin Club Team
02/15/2021 11:29:51

Its normal, because Radmin VPN is trying to connect to all the PCs in all networks you are connected to.
So more Radmin VPN networks you are connected to, the less performance you have. Check if there is no programs that overload your network, like FTP, torrents or Windows updates.
02/15/2021 16:30:51
this is all the usage but 8mpbs is unrealistic for my internet my brother's laptop never get such usages,is there a way to limit it?i have enable network discovery and my brother doesn't could it a reason?even tho i made radmin adapter as public and it shouldnt share on public
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