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What are security options in RADMIN VPN SERVER

I'm interested in setting up two things that will secure my network

1. That access will only be granted to RDP

2. That other devices will not be able to connect, this means that after I connect 5 specific devices to this network, there will no longer be an option for anyone to connect.

Is it possible ?
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Radmin Club Team
Gaming networks have their own firewall, which blocks many ports.
In private networks, the user himself regulates the settings of  firewall.
You can open the rdp port in the windows firewall settings.

Control Panel - Windows Defender Firewall - Advanced Setting - Connection Security Rules (right click on Connection Security Rules) - Port- Next - add port
Thank you for your reply,
I know how to open programs and ports in the Windows firewall, but I want to open and close specific ports only for users connecting through RADMIN.
Do you understand ?

For example, the users who connect to my network in RADMIN can only connect to SMB and not to RDP..
Radmin Club Team
When installing radmin vpn, windows ask which settings to use for this network connection: “private network” or “public network”
In accordance with this, the firewall settings are applied.
Next, all settings need to be changed in the Windows firewall itself.
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