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6 days and still no activation key

5 days ago (2023-03-30) I purchased another Server key.  Well, they have my money anyway.  All I got was a receipt from 2checkout for the payment. After reaching out to 2Checkout.  
   I have sent support tickets on the Radmin site, and to 2checkout, as well as leaving 2 voice messages at the contact number.
The only thing I've gotten so far is an open support ticket from 2Checkout.

After 20 years of purchasing keys and referring over 100 people to Radmin, I'm a bit disappointed.  

  My question is, are others having such problems, and if so, how can I remedy this?  I need this machine accessible 3 days ago.
Any help?
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Radmin Club Team
04/05/2023 09:49:11
Please, send to us a document of proof purchase in a ticket, which you are created . We will find all info and will help you.
04/10/2023 07:23:10
Hello, I have the same situation. I have purchated RADMIn A0056691286 05.04.2023 but still have not recieve any key. They also have deleted my post from the Forum. I do not know how they are going to sell their program with such awfull service. Ofcource there could be some probles, but why you ignore you clients and will ruin your reputation...
04/10/2023 17:33:20
If this helps, I finally got my key after sending a support ticket to the Payment Processor and also on the Radmin Site

Choose "Radmin Activation" frpm the drop down and supply as much of the purchase / payment information that you can. An order number helps much.
After doing so, I received my key later the same day.

A friend ordered a key the day after I received mine... his was delivered within 30 minutes by making a payment through PayPal. Coincidence? I wish I knew.

Meanwhile I hope everything is going good at Radmin / Famatech.  I hope they keep doing all the fine work for a very long time.  
Good luck to you
04/10/2023 18:03:26
Thanks, I finally have recived it.
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