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Black screen on remote host running v3.5.2

Hi , I have a black screen when logging into my remote host.  When i look at the host screen i can move the mouse remotely but the screen is black on the client.

- I am running the latest version of windows 10 all updates installed
- I am running the latest version of Radmin Server v3.5.2 anc client v3.5.2
- I have updated the Intel HD Graphics 530 display adapter to latest version
- I have updated second AMD Radeon R7 A370 to latest version
- I have tried unplugging extra monitors on the host so there is only the primary monitor connected
- I have ticked the Radmin host Load Mirror driver on startup tick-box.
- I have uninstalled and re-installed Radmin v3.5.2 completely

Please help as this is my primary support PC that i use with remote access , and i am out of idea.  
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Radmin Club Team
03/16/2020 12:15:47

1. Check if there is a monitor connected to the remote PC.
2. Install the latest version of Radmin Server and Viewer.
3. Update all drivers on the remote PC.
4. Try this
03/16/2020 12:23:58
HI , this was clearly a generic answer.

1 - The PC in question is an all-in-one , with two additional monitors connected as per my post
2 - as per my post
3 - as per my post
4 - not required , see point 1  
Radmin Club Team
03/18/2020 15:51:49

In order to figure out what is causing this could you please send us this information regarding server PC:
- Do you by any chance use Radmin on a laptop. If you are not using laptop could you please check what type of cable connects monitor to the video card.
- It`s OS version. For this you need to click on Windows button + R and type there winver. We need to know the full version of your OS (for example Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.214)
- What processor you have on server,
- What video card,
- What drivers are on the video card,
- Can you use other types of connections in Radmin including View Only (we need to know if transfer of the screen works)
- Do you see anything even if there is nothing running on the remote computer. If there is a physical monitor (some users don`t use physical monitors) is there an image on it or black.
- And could you also Right click on the start button - settings - Update and security - view installed update history and send us a screenshot of that window or write down all the latest updates.
- Please perform the following on your Radmin Server PC:
Start-> run -> msinfo32  (on Windows 10 run can be open by clicking on Windows+R)
Export the file as .txt and attach to your next letter. We will search the file and try to find what might have caused the issue.

NOTE: Please make sure the size of the uploaded file does not exceed 15 Mb.
05/08/2020 16:28:09
Could you inform how you solve this problem?
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