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How to uninstall VPN completely?

Hi all, I'm a player from the Chinese Mainland. My friend used to use VPN and had automatic updates. When he uninstalls the program and clears the folder, he finds that he cannot install a new vpn, because the install program always displays "the computer had installed the latest version of VPN". What could I do to solve this problem? His computer uses the WIN10 system. Thanks!
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Radmin Club Team

For correct remove, you  need to uninstall through the control panel - program and features - find in list Radmin and delete, reboot your computer.
If, after incorrect remove of the product, you faced with the fact that he cannot remove or install the product, then you need to remove the product with the help of utilities form the list below

Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter

If it doesn't help, try using the utility
When asked to sel ect a mode, sel ect the advanced mode.

.If you have problems uninstalling Radmin VPN, you need to use a utility fr om Microsoft
1. Download this utility fr om the link and run it.
2. Click Next and select Uninstalling.
3. Select the Radmin VPN program and click Next.
4. Wait until the utility completes and restart your PC.
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