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Multiple installations --

We have 5 activation licenses for version 3+
We are replacing 2 machines.
One of these machines has crashed.
We have 4 workstations
and need Radmin on one of these to replace the crashed machine.
We have tested all activation codes via the radmin activation code tester and it tells us all of them are active.

Per our records we have submitted a ticket with what we believe to have been the activation code the crashed machine was using.  We were told the code was reset -- yet we can't activate the newer 4th machine.

Do we need to submit a ticket for all activation codes to be reset to resolve this issue?
Is there anyway to retrieve on our Windows machines which machine is using what activation code so we can deduce what code is currently not in use.

Please advise
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Radmin Club Team

Please, create a ticket  with all detailed information.

For creating a ticket, use this link: Radmin Helpdesk
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