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Radmin quits session after about a minute

I am a long-time Radmin user and have not had this issue before.  I have a new laptop (HP Probook /win10)  I have loaded Radmin  Viewer.  When I connect to Radmin Server on a computer that is on our LAN and same subnet it works fine for almost a minute--then the session just closes.  I have tried this numerous times and it always acts the same.  When I Radmin into the same server with any other machine on the Network I get a perfect connection that doesn't quit.  Even a Mac running Radmin Viewer under Parallels works perfectly.  I gotta fix this.  HP Laptop runs all other software perfectly and without any network problems.    nmskies
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Radmin Club Team
11/28/2019 12:46:22

Could you please submit a ticket?
And attachd your Radmin Server log
If you use 64-bit systems, Radmin log is located here: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\rserver30\Radm_log.htm
And attached the screenshot of pinging the remote PC.

We`ll do our best to help you to fix this problem.

11/28/2019 17:05:44
Thank you but won't be needed.  Ran a windows 10 update and the problem is fixed....Radmin working fine.
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