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Slow connection and animation


I have slow connection now (8mbit/s) and it is quite good for text/code editors etc. But when there any sort of animation (fade in / fade out and so on) then fps is dropping to almost zero. It seems to be  no way to do anything until animation is finished (or all data sent from radmin server to client app?). As for now, almost each site and even windows switch to window from taskbar is using animation, so this cause radmin to freeze a lot...

is there any sort of workaround for this?

I tried to change "maximum number of updates" from 100 to 10, but did not notice any changes.
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Radmin Club Team
08/12/2021 14:40:26

You can decrease the quality (Radmin Viewer - Tools - Options - New connection default - Remote connection - Decrease Color Format and Maximum number of updates). And decrease resolution of the remote monitor.
And update all the drivers.
08/13/2021 09:28:20
Changing "Maximum number of updates" does not seem to change anything - animation freeze session for some time depending on animation length.
changing to 8bpp helps quite well. almost no issues now.
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