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Unknown Device IP

I have a device on my network with blinking Ethernet port indicating that there's traffic. How can I search for the IP address when I do not even know the IP range? I have the MAC address if that can help. This is quite urgent and any help would be much appreciated.

Command line option

Looking for a command line option to do the following:
A switch to load a text file with a list of hostnames or IP address
A switch to save to a file (and append as an option as well)
A switch to display the saved file
A switch to display results to screen

What this will do is allow me to schedule the task to run (at multiple times) and save each result to a file. Then the last time I run the task I can display the file.

I know this is a lot to ask, but just wanted to get it in the pipeline. Great tool for home use, thanks.


Hey  everyone,

I use ADVANCED-IP-SCANNER in my company.

We always have problems with users who leave computers on for several days, one function that would help us monitor would be: CONNECTED TIME / TIME ON.


Advanced IP Scanner version 2.5.3850 has been released

aips ss 2.1.PNG

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Auto Scan at startup

I am still looking for a command line switch that will cause Advanced IP Scanner to automatically scan.  I know clicking on the Scan button is not all that hard to do, but it seems logical to me that there could be an "Autoscan" switch that could be added to this already great app.  For example:
advanced_ip_scanner.exe /autoscan or /a or /s.

Thanks, Bruce

Portable Run

It's there's command line to run the ipscan25.exe to run as portable instead of having to click the next next accept the licensing etc.   I found switches to do an install silently but i want to do same but run it as portable so it won't install. is there's command line to made that happen?
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