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Advanced IP Scanner


How to remove “dead” PC`s from a scanning result.

Delete stored data.

Advanced IP Scanner -> Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Delete stored data.

Scanning results don`t show all devices in the network.

To see all the devices, you have to increase accuracy:

Settings -> Options -> Performance -> mark "High accuracy scanning"

There is a device without MAC-address or Manufacturer mark in my results.

This information is unavailable for the devices  in another subnetwork.

I need to show/hide dead PC in results of scanning.

In View then choose “Show dead/alive/unknown”  


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Clear history

I work on networks behind other people and have to find what IP's are in use. I have been using the IP Scanner to do this. The only problem I have found is that the program seems to keep a history file. Most of the time I do not care what use to be on the network only what is currently active. Example: say yesterday I scanned a network and found unit as it was active at the time. If I scan it today it will still show the .4 machine even if it's been turned off. Is there a way to clear the history? Or to have the scanner not show inactive devices?

Advanced IP Scanner new version 2.5.3784 is released

A new version of Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3784 has been released. 28 features were added:

1) Search tips
2) Scan results drag-n-drop function
3) Vendor and hardware databases update
4) Interface improved

AIPS Screenshot.png

Advanced IP Scanner is available in 22 languages!

You can update your software manually by downloading the new version here.

Can you guess other new features?

Do you have proposals on new ones? Please comment below.



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