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Auto Scan at startup

I am still looking for a command line switch that will cause Advanced IP Scanner to automatically scan.  I know clicking on the Scan button is not all that hard to do, but it seems logical to me that there could be an "Autoscan" switch that could be added to this already great app.  For example:
advanced_ip_scanner.exe /autoscan or /a or /s.

Thanks, Bruce

Portable Run

It's there's command line to run the ipscan25.exe to run as portable instead of having to click the next next accept the licensing etc.   I found switches to do an install silently but i want to do same but run it as portable so it won't install. is there's command line to made that happen?

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can't shutdown the client pc

when i shutting down my client pc it show me failed (the network path was not found) i don't know what append  

Why are there different result of a Scan result

Got the latest version of Advanced IP Scanner installed on 2 machines (one with LAN cable) and the other one using Wi-Fi.
When running a scan of my network (, the one with LAN cable connected only shows the devices that are actually connected and alive (24alive, 20dead and 210 Unk), while the one on Wi-Fi shows ALL devices (254 alive).
All the settings are the same ?
I have tried the "delete stored data" but the result are the same. One with only active devices and the other one with ALL devices...


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