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How to remove “dead” PC`s from a scanning result.

Delete stored data.

Advanced IP Scanner -> Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Delete stored data.

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Advanced IP Scanner helpful tips & tricks


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About Radmin Club


… and welcome!

Advanced IP scanner, Radmin and Radmin VPN were downloaded more than 50 million times so we assumed such a big community of IT specialists would be helpful.

How you can use this Community?

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Clear history

I work on networks behind other people and have to find what IP's are in use. I have been using the IP Scanner to do this. The only problem I have found is that the program seems to keep a history file. Most of the time I do not care what use to be on the network only what is currently active. Example: say yesterday I scanned a network and found unit as it was active at the time. If I scan it today it will still show the .4 machine even if it's been turned off. Is there a way to clear the history? Or to have the scanner not show inactive devices?

Can I preserve the comments?

When I add comments the next time I open Advanced IP Scanner the comments are gone.
I tried "save as", which creates a html file. But this was not a good idea since I cannot open this file via Advanced  IP Scanner.
So the question is: Is there a way to save the comments and keep them "alive"?

IP address found

The Advaced Network Scanner found the address How is it possible?

The hostname seems to be "HP281ED8" = HP OfficeJet Pro 8610. MAC Address B4:2E:99:94:2E:6D is the PC issuing the scan. If I try to ping to this entry, sometimes  (from a WiFi connected device) "Request timed out", sometimes (from a UTP connected device) ping leads to some other IP, typically the Chromecast (on Ethernet), Arrayent (Salus WiFi thermostat)  or Roomba (WiFi vacuum cleaner).

Regards, NIKON_D90
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