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How to remove “dead” PC`s from a scanning result.

Delete stored data.

Advanced IP Scanner -> Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Delete stored data.

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Scan shows IP addresses that cannot be reached

Hi there,
Installed a new modem and all local IP addresses now start with 172 rather than 192.
I have an IP camera and have reset it and trying to scan to find it's new IP address.
The scan shows the 'old' IP address beginning with '192' as 'live' and yet I cannot access the device.
Can anyone advise how I get rid of the old IP address?

Custom Tools

For now we have only several predefined tools which we can execute for a host (like Ping, Traceroute etc.).
It would be great to add an ability to add some custom tools to Tools menu. Just executing specified command would be enough.

Advanced IP Scanner helpful tips & tricks


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About Radmin Club


… and welcome!

Advanced IP scanner, Radmin and Radmin VPN were downloaded more than 50 million times so we assumed such a big community of IT specialists would be helpful.

How you can use this Community?

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Clear history

I work on networks behind other people and have to find what IP's are in use. I have been using the IP Scanner to do this. The only problem I have found is that the program seems to keep a history file. Most of the time I do not care what use to be on the network only what is currently active. Example: say yesterday I scanned a network and found unit as it was active at the time. If I scan it today it will still show the .4 machine even if it's been turned off. Is there a way to clear the history? Or to have the scanner not show inactive devices?
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