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New Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.1 released!

New version has been recently released.

What’s new:

  • MAC-address list was updated for more precise vendor detection

  • More precise service detection

  • Fixed a bug with console version freezing

  • ХР support discontinued

  • “Wake-On-LAN” item in shortcut menu moved  from «Advanced» section  to “Tools” section
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Advanced IP Scanner - Option to Never Cache?


I'd like to suggest a feature to never save or cache any data. I am on different networks for system configuration and troubleshooting daily. One thing that I have to do prior to a scan nearly every time is delete stored data in Options. Otherwise, scanner will show offline hosts from scans on different networks.

I'd much prefer it to never cache and for it to just scan fresh every time, even between repeat scans.

A repo for mac address vendors update

Hi, a lot of manufacturers were missing during my scans so I have updated the mac list and I share it with you :

++ !

Change IP on device

Just downloaded Advanced IP Scanner. I really like it.
Is it possible to change a device IP?   What about making an IP static?
If not can anyone recommend a simple program?

I have T Mobile internet.  It is very limited to what you can do.  Can't even see the devices on the internet.

I added a router and that solved the problem but it had a different IP address and it just screwed up the network at times.
I finally just removed the router and went to a switch. That performed well but I can't change IP  or make dedicated ips.


How to remove “dead” PC`s from a scanning result.

Delete stored data.

Advanced IP Scanner -> Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Delete stored data.

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Remote Scann over VPN does not work under Windows 11

using Advanced IP Scanner for several years under Windows 7 and Windows 10. I
could scan remote networks over a VPN connection. This has changed with Windows
11. When I scan a remote network connected via VPN, I only see the remote
Gateway but nothing else. The same network scan runs fine under Windows 10. Has
someone seen the same problem?
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