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This is Advanced Port Scanner community. Tips&tricks on how to use software are welcome. Software developers post guides and software updates details. Official tech support and experts answer questions here.

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Showing as malware

Sentinel 1 is flagging advanced port scanner as malware.  Has this software been compromised?


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Can not seem to get UDP ports to be seen

I have just installed the software and performed my first scan,  and set the port range to the right of the IP range to All UDP ports 1-65535 but the scan is displaying  

Advanced Port Scanner Is Not Displaying

Although I open it, it does not display on my laptop. I have used it, then when I went to re use it after a reboot it no longer popped up, in effect it looks like it does not actually start.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled also.

Using windows 11 64 bit machine

License agreement for Advanced Port Scanner


Where I can find license agreement for Advanced Port Scanner ?

Multiple Network Subnet


I server is connected to multiple subnet. Port Scanner is scanning only in one of the network subnet. If i try to scan a port outside this subnet Port scan cannot find that machine. We can ping the system. How can I change the subnet range.
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