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Advanced Port Scanner

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Error 123 during installation.

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Hi and welcome to Radmin Club,

   Thank you for checking out our new project!

   We’ve created this community to become a modern center of gravity for IT pros and encourage you to:

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Port Visibility

We can utilize our system related application to access the IP and port of the controller but the port does not show up in the port scanner software?  Why is that?  Do some ports that simply do not show up during a port scan, even though the port works?


Why are netbios group, user and date greyed out in the list of columns you can select?

I just noticed if you right click on a column, you get a list of columns you can choose.  and netbios group, user and date are greyed out and unchecked.  Is there a premium version that offers those?  Or any other reason they are greyed out?


DAMN!  wrong section!  Should be in Advanced IP scanner!  should I repost?  Can someone move it?

We released a new Advanced Port Scanner version 2.5.3869


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Troubleshooting Advanced Port Scanner

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