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This is Advanced Port Scanner community. Tips&tricks on how to use software are welcome. Software developers post guides and software updates details. Official tech support and experts answer questions here.

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Showing as malware

Sentinel 1 is flagging advanced port scanner as malware.  Has this software been compromised?


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Select diferent app for tracert


Is there a way to select a different app for Tracert, like the way you can pick your ssh/telnet/ftp/http client?

Open source Advanced Port Scanner

First of all I would like to thank the creator of🚀 Advanced Port Scanner for creating such an amazing piece of software.

This software is ❤️. It has made life so much easier. I was intrigued by how and using what technologies it was made with,
and this had sparked my interest into programming world.

Whoever created these suite of softwares deserves more praise and needs to come out publicly.

Last but not least, please if possible make it open-source as it is great learning material and as it is already free it would grow more rapidly with community contributions.

Thank You ❤️

no phones or wifi printer

Hi, I'm Running advance wifi scanner v2.5.4594.1 for windows when i scan i cannot see my epson printer or my two phones
that are on my home network same workgroup that my laptop is on

why does it no

Can not seem to get UDP ports to be seen

I have just installed the software and performed my first scan,  and set the port range to the right of the IP range to All UDP ports 1-65535 but the scan is displaying  
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