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How to manage Radmin VPN network. We are Radmin VPN community. Official tech support and experts will answer your questions. New release will be posted here first. You can invite playmates to your servers.

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Games networks

Looking for a partner or team to play?

Now Radmin VPN has Gaming networks for everybody!
Go to "Join network" and click on "Gaming network" tab.
You will find more than 10 000 networks to join!


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conexiones de Radmin caidas

me puede ayudar alguien, ninguno de mis compañeros se pueden conectar al server con Radmin vpn, ni la pagina de Radmin puedo entrar
Por Favor

Juan Karlos Ponce
Tegucigalpa / Honduras

Radmin VPN 1.1 major update - public gaming networks added

Today your Radmin VPN will be updated automatically and Public gaming network will be added.
If you don't want to wait you can download updated version from our website. and join 10 000+ gaming networks!
What is public gaming networks?

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Radmin VPN vs Hamachi

Hello Guys,
I've used a lot both of the tools. This is my comparison of Hamachi and Radmin VPN from gaming perspective.

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List my users in radmin vpn 2

Hello I use the radmin vpn free. Always with the computer off, I notice that my list of users disappears and my computer appears offline to them. Is that normal?

RadminVPN shows that I am offline

I created a network and my friend connected to me. At first everything was fine, but after a while RadminVPN showed that I was alone in the network and my friends see that I am offline. I tried to turn it off and on, tried to install it again but it didn't work. Please help.
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